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People in the early days were not adapted to making a website and they thought it was not beneficial and a money-wasting factor. But now in this era of digitalization people are in a hurry to develop a website for their businesses to have a highly qualitative presence for the customer visiting the traffic.

The business owner didn’t like spending money on developing a website by the developers but this website will make their business have a far reach, greatest engagement, no-limit conversion, and build trust. There are several platforms with which you can develop your website without hiring a developer in easy and quick steps. There is WordPress, Mockplus, macaw, Weebly, adobe Dreamweaver, bootstrap, codepen, mamp, GitHub, photoshop, angular JS, Mysql, and Wix all these websites developing software are very well-structured, with premium features and for a diverse category.

But today we will only talk about the leading website development software that is Wix vs WordPress and share our opinion on who is better from both of them. It’s not going to be equivalent with such high-class attributes included in the both of software that is made with absolute struggle including a filthy feature for the user to have great website development software experience.

Both the website development software’s are claimed to be a builder for a website perhaps have diverse tactics viz. WordPress is a content management system and Wix is a website builder. Considering the following tactics, the WordPress and Wix adopt makes it very difficult to make choice. As compared to WordPress, Wix is severely handy and easy to operate but there is only one drawback that you can pull off your website from Wix to another website development platform for appointing a new host.

Let’s head towards knowing the difference between Wix vs WordPress –

Content management system against the website builders –

WordPress has a good high learning curve as there are tons of thing you can learn and implement them in the long run for developing a website on WordPress. For a website that is being developed on WordPress must have a host which is less unapproachable as there are thousands of the other host that offers only single-click WordPress installation. WordPress claims to have a free version that is called the open-source within which you are given the access to re-edit. WordPress doesn’t distribute hosting, plugins, and themes for free.


According to the image displayed above, it says that Wix is completely easy to use, operate the drawback is that it’s less flexible whereas WordPress is a platform where you can learn about every aspect including to help the website rank high on SERP by doing organic SEO and claims to be ultimately more flexible than Wix.

Both the website development software is right at their place but there are points where they differ and that what’s we are going to talk about in the further article and help you find yourself a suitable and trustworthy website platform to build your website.

We will battle against Wix and WordPress editing tools, open and close, features, themes, costing, support as they are the crucial essence to choose the right platform.

  1. Editing – people will always have a confused mind deciding about which platform has a good editor viz. Wix or WordPress. Whereas Wix has a good visual edit which is a drag and drop editor that is a lookalike of PowerPoint that gives you the access to move any element to anywhere on the page.

WordPress has newly launched the Gutenberg editor as their block-based editor. It focuses on hiding the Gutenberg editor from the page and does not reflect the full-length page that will hide the header, footer, and sidebar. This will give a clear view of how will your published page be seen on the published website. To make sure that your website content is aligned properly you will hop to the published website from the editor repeatedly.


The interface WordPress theme is abstracted from the home page for example the forms are developed with the help of the plugins like WPForms within a different interface and gathered together to into a single page with a ‘short code’.

As compared to Wix the whole editing is done with visual effects. The amends takes place only when they are changed and it doesn’t take more steps, they are just a click away. As we saw above the form made in WordPress, the forms made in Wix are easily made by the photo editor. You will always have the website view to be sure that the published website is aligned properly. if you go through all the aspects WordPress has a confusing interface as compared to Wix but WordPress is urbane than Wix. As a fact software that is more urbane requires more functionality.

  1. Open vs close – WordPress website has maximum weakness although it is claimed to be CMS. It has tons of plugins and WordPress themes that are solely developed by the open-source community. Initially, the calculation of plugins on wordpress.org is 50,000+ and cheap WordPress themes on ThemeForest nearing 12,000 and more. It is stated to have the highest themes and plugin and a well-trusted website to buy WordPress themes.

As every website developer has vulnerabilities it has too. WordPress is very cluttered from the backend and can be confusing for the user to understand the technical settings and language which can be jargony.


On the other hand, the WordPress themes and plugins may sometimes act differently with low compatibility that is to be resolved by the working hacks which are not everyone’s cup of tea. On your end, you can take a review before making the payment to not end up in danger. You might find incompatible reviews about the plugin hardly in the comment section.

Talking about Wix, they have a small marketplace of apps with around 309 apps that are utmost compatible. I know it’s less than WordPress but the only reason is that they have great functionality. Before giving the apps entry pass, they are analyzed thoroughly from the inside out to make sure the integrity of the apps is top-notch. No hack to put up as the apps are well-verified.

They have themes in less quantity but they have great performance with outstanding working functionalities though they are less as compared to WordPress they are high quality. You also have the access to build your theme from the base with Wix’s visual theme editor.

Unless you are thinking about doing something exceptional on Wix you don’t require any assistance or help to operate the platform. The software is developed for the user to have an easy operation as compared to WordPress they are for professionals to help other businesses to grow from time to time.

With hands-on both sites, you will find Wix to be user-friendly and WordPress to be customizable. Both the developers are full-proof in nature of website builders and CMS. It is hard to select which one to adopt for your website as there is nothing right or wrong in this present situation.

  1. Features – both the developing software have diverse features to keep your website updated with good features and for customers to have a fulfilling experience. Both the software has sufficient features that are exceptional in their way.

To adopt an unconventional feature, you need to hop towards WordPress to have a gallery that can be scrolled and for conventional, you can go for Wix to have a decent photo gallery.

WordPress is a system with a huge quantity of plugins and themes that have high performance. The following features are as follows

– bbpress

– Yoast SEO

– BuddyPress

– redirection

– TinyMCE

– advance custom fields

– Tablepress

For a moment if you think you are in the need of conventional features you can hop to Wix.

The website that are NGO, small business, hotels, and many other those are trying to re-invent are called conventional websites. They don’t require anything extraordinary they seek a decent and subtle website.

While looking for plugins in WordPress for photo gallery you get several searches and get confused whereas in WordPress you get the best photo gallery and you are again on your run without any confusion.

  1. Themes – Wix has the capacity of offering 500+ themes as compared to WordPress it offers 11,000+ themes.

It is the same for WordPress, the quantity of plugins and themes is way more than Wix but sometimes you will face issues. Whereas Wix keeps full-proof themes that are never incompatible and run smoothly.


  1. Costing – the cost for WordPress and Wix may tend to differ a lot. The hosting, e-commerce, themes, apps support are all included in the Wix package.

Is Wix free to operate? Yes, it has a free website operation in which no money is charged and you can operate it easily.

The Wix website cost for VIP is $39, for unlimited $17, pro $22, and combo $13. Any user that doesn’t wish to spend excess money can develop a cheap Wix website and operate it conveniently with no issue. They made the Wix free website also for the blogger to help them upload their writing and let people reach out to their blogs.

About WordPress, it is free but only you will have to lose your pocket for purchasing themes, plugins, and hosting. Premium WordPress plugins from WooCommerce are paid ones and very beneficial.

  1. Support – Wix is available through mobile devices, email, and chat for all packages but for the VIP packages, you get premium support. You can also have a look at the Wix blog for more assistance.

Whereas in WordPress there is no such support but while buying themes or plugins you get the support that is included in the cost.

The right platform can simplify website building. WordPress allows you to work on a complex and long-term project while Wix is easy to make small websites. You can build any site with WordPress and get more options. That is why our web developers recommend using WordPress more often.

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