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You are always on the right foot if you have chosen the best that is WordPress to start your website. WordPress stands out as compared to another website, as it is the well-known, flexible, and most favored way to start your website. Altogether it is claimed to have numerous features which are nowhere related to other website development platforms. The content management system is the platform for developers who are on the first base and also those who have been working on WordPress and know its inside-out.


There is only one service you require to get high output from WordPress that is the hosting provider service. Getting a hosting service comes with a lot of benefits and offers to make sure the user has a great experience. The web host will act as a backbone to your website completely and will regulate how relevant, how speed, and what amount of downtime does your site takes. All these matters for your website to run smoothly and to keep it organic in every way the web host can. Along with all this, the web host will render your wall of security, 24/7 assistance, plugin assistance, and many other things that you will find helpful.


A web host named Bluehost has been well-known, has high service, and equally trustworthy by the user for hosting their website.

To install WordPress over Bluehost is way too simple and not at all time consuming and WordPress installed as you sign in. Bluehost is claimed to be a company that is the world’s largest website hosting service provider and is a dependable provider and is a web host provided that has been recommended solely by WordPress.



To install WordPress manually is something you can do in minutes as compared to before which took hours of installation.

Below previewed are the steps to install WordPress securely over Bluehost along with setting it up.

Minute to win it steps

In a hurry? Don’t worry we got you covered with our steps to make your website have a better web hosting service you are worthy of.

Firstly, you need to find yourself a web hosting provider that is cheap, trustworthy, and renders top security to your website. One of them is the Bluehost web hosting service provider.

To operate Bluehost first your need to register and then going ahead with the flow to select the package, hosting plan, new DNS secured payment platform, and verified account details. Bluehost cares for their user and never breaks the trust that’s building with a great user experience. It has always been providing a reasonable hosting plan for their users to maintain a satisfactory relationship with them and by not letting them switch to an alternative website which results in breaking of connection.

The recommended plan to choose on Bluehost is the 3-year plan that will allow your pocket to bear and is the cheapest deal you can opt for. Bluehost is claimed to be well secured providing for web hosting and there is nothing to hesitate about buying the 3-year plan and it comes with assurance from Bluehost.

As of now, we have selected our web host provider and the next important step is the installation of WordPress over Bluehost.

The process to install WordPress is way too simple, navigate to My Sites and then click on Create site. You are only required to paste your website information along with a domain name and click on next. After the following process Bluehost will automatically start downloading WordPress.

As the study says downloading WordPress isn’t the last task that is required to be done. After you download it, it requires to be set up appropriately and make a custom setting for the website to benefit from. Many people say WordPress is very easy to operate but they say it because they have their hands on it for years and compared to the raw ones, they might think that it’s going to be very complex and complicated. But the complication will go away after you have your hands on its feature one by one and get used to it. To operate WordPress, you can do it from the Bluehost dashboard or the WordPress dashboard itself.

As your web hosting provider is Bluehost it installs some effective plugins along with WordPress such as Akismet anti-spam, jetpack, monsterinsights, and many more. You are allowed to delete the plugins installed by default or keep them, it’s your call.

For the next step, build your website in a well-structured manner that is filled with quality content as it will back the website to rank higher on the SERP.

Get more details by reading further

Step 1. Make an account with Bluehost

Before installing WordPress, it is mandatory to have a Bluehost account. It comprises selecting a hosting plan, domain name, and payment for the subscription.

How to choose a hosting plan?

Hosting plans must have all the necessary features to hosting your website conveniently for a better online experience. Bluehost has numerous hosting plans, it’s your call to choose the rightful one.

Options must include –

  • Shared hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Managed WordPress

If you are doing the particular job for the first time, then it’s likely to buy the cheapest hosting plan only if it meets your lists. Price ranges from $3 per month and so on.

New domain name

At some point Bluehost gets pricy but the freebies that Bluehost provides are the best and attractive way the user always sticks around. For the initial stage that is Bluehost provides the website a free one-year domain along with the package. Going further, after selecting the hosting plan you can select create a new domain and take a pick for your free domain.

You can create a new domain through Bluehost or you can add your domain created with a third-party domain registrar to Bluehost and go forwards. It will recommend you to buy the .com domains that are said to be perfect domain names technically and showcases a professional look. After selecting the correct domain press next togo forwards.

Fill every Asterix marked space with your verified information on the website also you can sign in with Google to boost the drill. Confirm the plan details you opt for and with keeping extra safety make the payment securely.

Bluehost premium add-ons include –

  • Domain privacy + protection for $11.88 per year
  • Sitelock security essential for $23.88 per year
  • CodeGaurd basic for $2.99 per year
  • Bluehost SEO tool for $23.88 per year

To protect your personal information, it is highly recommended to invest in Domain privacy + protection. With this add-on, no human being can get access to your mobile number, email ID, and home address. You need to add your mobile number and email address and below that, you will see the package information reflected.

Subscription payment

After everything, in the end, you will have to make the payment for the subscription you have bought in any way viz. credit/debit card, net banking, and with other options that provided. Bluehost has a 30-days refund guarantee, if the user is not satisfied then they are eligible to get a refund period.

Step 2. Installation of WordPress over Bluehost

As your web host is in place you can download WordPress on Bluehost. It just requires making an account on Bluehost which results in instant installation and a user-friendly page.

  • To download WordPress, follow the steps below
  • Create your website
  • After getting access to your account go to my sites and click on create a site on the top right corner of the interface.
  • Keep on filling in the information reflected on the page along with the information for your website that is, name, tagline, header, etc.
  • Write the name of your website that you thought of and if you want to change the name in the future it is possible.
  • Install WordPress
  • Choose the domain name you decided to keep as your domain name and all this is to be done before installing WordPress.


After you press next the web host will start installing wordpress which will result in getting your fresh website with the login ID and passwords.


To open your WordPress website, click on login to WordPress that is beside go back to my sites.

Step 3. Set up a new wordpress website with Bluehost’s dashboard

To customize your website to make the website’s presence outstanding you need to fill your website with high-quality and original content.

Things to do on the Bluehost dashboards –

  • Menus
  • New page and post
  • Monitor your website
  • Manage an e-commerce store
  • Remove the coming soon page

With all these features you can up-hold the website through the Bluehost dashboard.

Bluehost quick launch wizard

The quick launch wizard in the wordpress dashboard will help you install important plugins and start your website effectively. Also, you can use Yoast SEO wordpress plugins to create forms, lead generation, and several securities.

WordPress theme for your website

Themes act as attractive features for the website and they are easily available on the website such as ThemeForest, Themify, Themeisle, and several others. These websites have cheap wordpress themes that are high in performance, functionality and made with utmost great technology. Buy wp themes before reading product descriptions, developer reviews, and many other important things. Bluehost is also a marketplace holding the services of theme, plugins, services, and graphics that are provided at a fair price. They have a variety of free samples for the user experience and make their budget cross the boundary.

Plugins and addons on wordpress

  • Yoast SEO
  • Wordfence security
  • Updraftplus
  • WP rocket

Content for your website

By adding pages start creating content for your website.

Must includes

  • Homepage – attractive landing page, call to actions, powerful imagery, conversions, content promotion
  • About page – your story, philosophy, your team, introduction to building relationship
  • Contact page – help us to contact us and visit us, contact form, your address, mobile numbers, location, social media links. (Information must be updated for not losing clients)
  • Blog – write on the topic to attracts visitors, blogs that help visitors, educate them, add SEO-optimized post for organic traffic

 Step 4. Launch website

After making all the changes from top to bottom and from left to right-click on the launch website button and get ready for the traffic you are going to attract.


Final thoughts

Bluehost is the most popular way to install WordPress, however, a different hosting company is always available to you. However, it’s not much easier than WordPress with Bluehost if you want a user-friendly dashboard with access to a wide range of tools.

The cool thing here, however, is that without hiring anyone you can create your site all alone. Not only are you ready to have a great website, but you won’t have a furious hole in your pocket either! It’s a win-win. This is a win-win.

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