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Are you on a hunt for finding the absolute theme that suits your website? Then you are on the right path. Tighten your seatbelts as we are going on a tour of hunting and acquiring the best WordPress theme on ThemeForest. ThemeForest claims to be the most valuable marketplace for buying and selling cheap WordPress themes and its peoples’ go-to store for premium WordPress themes. Along with it, some hacks to make sure you buy themes that are of utmost efficiency.


Themes are crucial and with the help of them, the customer gets a clear idea of what is the website about? The main motive of the website owner is that their customer must be updated. Websites not only require a theme for showcasing their website but the role of the website must be known by it.


Sometimes people take a lot of time choosing the right theme until they find it, which looks so subtle and astonishing that your customers will be like ‘this is the best well-structured website’. Before making a rigid decision, you might have gone through hundred and millions of websites to buy WordPress themes, but wouldn’t have gotten the right one until you gave a visit to ThemeForest WordPress that has trillions of themes, that you can buy website template too, to make your background evergreen and eye-catching. The ThemeForest WordPress themes have no boundary as they keep on adding themes habitually for the betterment of user experience, for helping what they are finding which results in making the bond grow rigorously.


Going ahead.


Business Description:


With the world having scarce themes marketplace, in the year 2008, ThemeForest came up and gave a big blow to the marketplace of themes and has been growing since then. It has acquired a place in the seven-property Envato market in the year 2014 along with including the exceptional CodeCanyon the WordPress plugin market.


The drill for buy and selling theme on ThemeForest works this way – the developers create a theme and uploads it on ThemeForest to get passed in the quality verification process and then it is uploaded on the envato market to sell a huge number of themes to the needed users for their website. The efforts the developers put in to make the theme well qualified with the help of updated and latest software and other tips and tricks to make the developed theme work for the users and make their conversion effective.


The theme developers receive revenue from the sale of themes made through envato ThemeForest. The percentage theme developers get is amounted to be between 45% to 88% of the sale. In the year 2016, Envato made an amendment keeping in account the developer’s income that, the developers with all due respect will have the sole right to price their developed themes.


The study on Envato liquid graph seemed very shocking and astonishing with such a high series of conversions made. Also, there was news of Envato paying ¼ of the profit to its suppliers and this resulted in making other 48 suppliers produce the sale of $1 million per supplier. The actual net profit of Envato was around $29 million which was staggering. Themeforest envato marketplace is a family of 12,000 and an increasing collection of themes that are priced at $60 per the theme.


Hunt for the theme begins!


Shortlisting themes from ThemeForest the biggest marketplace consisting of 12,000 and more WordPress themes seems to be a very difficult task for a human. It’s human nature because a human cannot remember everything he sees and that too containing different widgets and many other technical features from all themes which the human has seen. So, to make it easier websites create a page of their best-selling themes or for any other services they provide to assist the user to deflect the fall in the big and enormous ocean. Themeforest has well-equipped themes with subtle and exclusive features to enlighten your website with the help of the theme.


Themeforest gives you the ability to find themes that are related to your keywords and getting such themes is a plus point for your website. ThemeForest has hundred of categories for theme niches such as business themes, vlogging themes, and many others. And these categories will help you efficiently hunt your theme.


After you click on a category in which you think you might finish your hunt, will showcase the category-oriented theme and some feature that will assist you to end your hunt. They are – Best Sellers, Rating, Trending, Cost, and Newest. These categories will give a clear insight into how the theme developer is? What is the rating of the particular theme? Is it a hyped theme? How much does it cost? Is the theme from the new collection or the old?


Also, you must know about the software version, compatibility, to make sure whichever theme you will buy is developed with good and latest software also at the same time is it compatible or not on any website they are added to.


Choosing a theme from ThemeForest can be a research task that includes –


Go through the demo site – just like other websites, ThemeForest also renders the service of live preview for all the themes they have in their collection. This results in making a correct judgment towards the theme performance, configuration, compatibility, and features. It is the most favored service that is rendered by ThemeForest and their customer loves it and why won’t they? It gives them the access to see how does the theme looks upon the user’s website and try some of the customizable features. Such things help’s the user to be pretty sure about what they are looking at? and what do they want?


The pictures and features shown in the theme’s demos are not really for the freemiums but if you want to cop them you need to get ThemeForest premium access for it. Be very keen while reading the description sometimes they say a lot than what is showcased through a picture.


While watching a theme demo don’t forget about watching the mobile version of the theme because people nowadays don’t carry a laptop everywhere they use a mobile. With the help of the mobile, they just click on the link or paste a URL in the search bar and the website gets open. I assure you if they find any glitch or any errors, they will right away close the website and you will lose one visitor, and one by one you will lose them all. So, it’s important to see whether the theme supports the mobile version or not.


Worthy information – all the users will think about how does this theme stands out from the other? The answer to this question is on the right of the product’s picture which includes:


  • Percentage of sale


Human nature is like the things other people choose and has made the sale go high will be authentic and very trustworthy. The developers seeing this will fill out more details for the user to click the add to cart action button.


  • Rating


Themes that are brought by the buyers will be pleased to rate the products for testimonial and this results in building trust in the user and end up buying that product.


  • Date updated


It plays a crucial role in making a huge impact on the user cause the users won’t buy themes that are outdated and will outlook them. But those themes that are updated will have a great impact.


  • Comments


They act as a testimonial, in case if the buyer is looking for reviews of the products they know where to look. The buyer will write the things he felt after buying the products and that will include all the answers to the user question which is presently buying the particular theme.


What’s this product?


The product description says the specification of the product and helps the buyer to compare and decide what in it for him? You will get answers to the following questions:


  • What is it for?
  • Why should I purchase it?
  • Is it secured?
  • Does it fit my budget?
  • Does it have the utmost configuration?
  • Is it compatible enough?
  • How many plugins come with it? and whatever you have doubts about.


Will reflect any discounts they have for buying the products that will be reflected beside the price is written.


Assistance – to help you to cope-up with something which is brand new and at the time you fall you need assistance. Even at the time of buying an electronic or any product that’s costly the seller will give you support. The duration is maybe diverse for each company. But in the same way, while you buy a theme from ThemeForest they give assistance for nearly 12 months and that’s huge and you can also renew the assistance by more than 12 months by paying a certain amount. Inside this assistance package comes the rights for you to get an answer for your questions, functions, ways to set up particular functions. But here’s the catch, no installation and any customization are not included in this package.


Substitutes of Themeforest:



List of WordPress theme shop



For free themes, you can hop to – WordPress theme repository

For Premium themes at cheap price, you can hop to – Themeforest WordPress Themes


Themeforest review – it’s stated to be easy to use, very well structured, and organized website to pick themes for your website. To decide out of the best themes in ThemeForest you can filter the list and will reflect the themes according to your filter. The payment channel is secured till the grounds and it’s very smooth. With a single you can buy whatever and whichever theme you like.


– By Ecommerce Guide


Lastly, buying the themes that suit your website is the last stage of the finding process. Themeforest is a trusted brand with highly established themes for users. There is no point in disappointment when it comes to ThemeForest. They have made up of high-quality software, with great performance and great compatibility for the user. They have in total of 12,000 plus themes for the user and there is something for every one of them!




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