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Fed up with using the same free WordPress theme again and again for your clients? Are your clients satisfied with the website themes you have used? To solve the repercussions, we have some ultimately outstanding suggestion that will vanish-off all the above repercussion and also get your more clients than earlier. This suggestion will only charge you minimal cost with high output in returns. We have gathered a whole lot of sites that sell premium quality themes and decent-looking themes. The list includes sites that sell WordPress themes at a very reasonable and cheap price that of the highest quality and premium in nature.


The selection of WordPress themes by the users is the worst as they are left with no choice rather than the free ones unless they don’t want to spend money for premium WordPress themes. The price for the premium WordPress is around $100 which is claimed to be cheap, although they are developed by the best professional developer of WordPress. And if you have thought about $100 being still costly, you are left with the only option that is free themes. There is buywpthemepack website that provides premium themes at cheap price that you can adopt for your website or your clients to have a unique theme as compared to using the old free WordPress themes. they have an extremely great WordPress theme collection with a variety of themes considering with the help of your keywords.


No web developer or user wants their website to be as same as the other website around because that’s what make difference and brings you a lot of traffic, engagement, and conversion. And after looking at your structure there will be a room of people where they will share positive things about your website such as the best website to make the conversion with, to gain knowledge, and to make an optimistic first attempt. Millions of sites will back you with astonishing premium WordPress themes at a cheap or at nothing. Going premium won’t be counted as a loss but will pave the path for more and variety of themes for the website to stand unique in front of another website with similarity in their themes. A Premium subscription is provided for you to have an extraordinary theme for your website along with a different feature that you aren’t applicable to use in the free subscription. The themes are made with great efforts, ultimate creativity, at its best decency, and also gives out a wow factor to the website by the professionals at an affordable price with which the relation is constant for years.


Jotted down a list of websites for premium WordPress themes at a cheap price that will help you make your website theme look flamboyant.


Theme Forest

The biggest marketplace holding a lot more than 11,000 theme designs ranging from $48 (INR – Rs. 3450/-) to $68 (INR – Rs.4964/-) for each theme. The list is uncountable on how many types of themes design they have. Theme designs in Theme Forest are very unique and are made with utmost creativity which is very eye-catching. If you’re jinxed you might find some themes that have unidentified developers and uploaded to spread malware. Presently, the website has learned from its mistake and updated its guidelines to stay away from any such authors. Several themes contain heavily bloated features. Some use split GPL licenses rather than the 100% GPL license that is favoured by the above level of the WordPress theme stores. Don’t just buy the theme without reading about the developer this can land in serious trouble and can be a benefited with a rough idea about the eminence of the theme. Along with that, read from how much time selling themes, number of updates, testimonial, and support from the provider.


BWTP (buywpthemepack)


It offers premium WordPress themes at a cheap price which are made with the utmost high-quality software and is 110% original product. It contains 300+ WordPress themes and plugins along with a free demo and 1 click import feature. You pay only once and what comes with it is access to all the themes at BWTP with no additional charge. It is made in such a way that it is easy to install and edit. They are 100% legal and have a potential GPL license. The themes have exceptional features such as they can be placed on all sites, instant and responsive service support, have a bunch of themes, being accountable, and also has value for money. Have several testimonials about what customers have to say and have several other offers waiting for you.

Website – https://buywpthemepack.com/

Elegant Themes

They are led with tons of themes that include niches such as CMS, business, E-commerce, news, portfolio, blogging, directories, and or whatever it is that you want to get satisfied. The collection of themes with Elegant Themes is outstanding with a feature of drag and drop theme that stands unique from all the other themes and that’s what will catch your eye in the first place. It is the lead Divi theme that is made with multi-purpose. Elegant Theme is not a marketplace where you can buy themes at a particular rate whereas the individual has to take membership by paying a certain amount of $69 (INR – Rs. 5307/-) per year and will have access to all the themes that are new, old and the ones coming with the update. The value per theme in Elegant Themes would be something around $0.80 (INR – Rs. 58/-) for each.


My Theme Shop

It is claimed to be the biggest seller with an infinite variety of WordPress themes and in the year 2016, they claimed to have 100 WordPress themes in their brochure for the diverse website. As compared to other websites selling WordPress themes, my theme shop has a huge lot with better-developed themes along with suitable features. They offer themes for blogs, schools, gyms, churches, schools, authors, speakers, business websites, E-commerce, magazines, architects, and many other types too. to save your money get a membership of $139 (INR – Rs. 10,000/-) that comes with access to 100+ WordPress themes to make your website exceptional rather than buying a single theme that will cost you around $59 (INR – Rs. 4307/-). They have beautiful designs of themes that are developed with outstanding creativity.


It has themes for professional and formal purposes such as law, corporates, reputed businesses, colleges, and several other types too. The themes at CSSIgniter are made with utmost exceptions and developed with impressive features with no unknown authors’ entries. No risk of malware or security breach issues in any themes in CSSIgniter. It also helps you save money by getting a membership at CSSIgniter at $49 (INR – Rs. 3577/-) and buying single ones at $39 (INR – Rs. 2847/-). The membership will benefit you with access to a heavy bunch of themes including old, new, and the ones coming with the update for 12 months. In the year 2016, they had 68 premium themes that only cost $0.70 (INR – Rs. 51/-) each.

Theme Trust

They are trusted in making such WordPress themes that stand out as they are made with superior creativity. The developers are top-notch professional’s that develops theme without missing any crucial detail. The themes are made with exceptional quality technicalities but are easy to operate. They provide 25 incomparable themes for portfolios, news, magazines, educational, business, or agencies. At theme trust, the price of a single theme would be around $58 (INR – Rs. 4234/-). The best and the subtle website to get themes for your WordPress website.

Tesla Themes

They are adopted with high-quality superior themes with satisfying all types of niches. It includes themes for photography, portfolios, business, blogging, E-commerce, and many other niches. they also have themes for weddings, food, travel, medical, gaming, events, real estate, hotels, fitness clubs, and many others. They have upskilled developer that develops mind-blowing themes with unique features for the theme to shine brighter and give effective engagement. There are no unknown authors or developer’s entries allowed in tesla themes and all the themes are surely malware-free. You can get access to the entire brochure of 50+ WordPress themes for $58 (INR – 4234/-) and the single ones for $48 (INR – Rs. 3504/-). They have great value for money and are of utmost good quality.

Mojo themes 


They have a fusion with creating modern and surreal WordPress themes made by experienced developers of all time. it is the store that has 1200 premium WordPress themes. it especially has themes for food, fashion, travel, sport, art, software, beauty, health, and many more. Mojo themes are potential with a 100% GPL license. They have themes that are very well structured and made with extreme creativity to suit your website niches appropriately. It has exceptional features to arrange and maintain your website. Mojo themes have prices that range from $30 (INR – Rs. 2190/-) to $49 (INR – Rs. 3577/-).




Turitor is a WordPress theme for online education and learning management systems that allow you to create an engaging website for your courses and students. You can now confidently begin your project with the ready-made multi-concept samples. You can get a good outcome even if you use Turitor exactly as it comes out of the box. With Turitor, though, the options are virtually limitless.

Turitor comes with all of the addons and page styles you’ll need to run a successful online education website. The design is also flexible, allowing it to work on both mobile and desktop devices. Turitor can help you create a loyal community right now.



Viva themes

It has themes that are uncountable for WordPress websites including CMS, business, portfolio, personal, blogging, and many others. The developers make quality themes that are very eye-catching for theme finders and also have unexplanatory features. Can be easily maintained as it is made with basic but extraordinary features to shine excessively. Themes at viva themes are well structured, covered every part with great creativity, and have malware-free themes with authors having 100% GPL license. The theme package for viva themes is quoted to be $45 (INR – Rs. 3285/-) that comes with support, updates, and verified PSD and PNG file sources.


So, if you’re wary of utilizing a free WordPress theme and want to improve your online space since it’s prospering and expanding in size, the tools listed above are the finest options. You can virtually instantaneously create the exact website you want to shake the online globe with for minimal expenditure. As a result, make it unique and stand out online beginning today!


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